Combining CBD Oil and Meditation

Combining CBD Oil and Meditation

Combining CBD Oil and Meditation

Meditating has been used for generations as a way to calm the mind and improve one’s health. Mediating as a means to alleviate stress and boost psychological well-being has gained popularity in recent years. Similarly, using CBD oil has been helpful. And now we know that the synergistic effect of full spectrum CBD oil and meditation is to increase both.

CBD and other cannabinoids in CBD oil have been found to stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid system, leading to enhanced health and equilibrium. There is growing evidence that engaging in activities like mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises has a comparable effect on the endocannabinoid system. Several advantages of meditation, such as decreased anxiety, enhanced sleep quality, and sharpened mental clarity, have been proven to be amplified when whole-plant CBD oil is used in conjunction with meditative practises.

Combining CBD Oil and Meditation

When we combine the use of best cbd oil with regular meditation practise, we gain the following benefits: 

  • A decrease in aches and pains, as well as an increase in mobility and tolerance for rest, are two of the benefits of yoga.
  • Greater concentration, as we pay more attention to felt sensations and less to fleeting mental chatter.
  • We are better able to appreciate the here and now when we experience less stress and anxiety.
  • The chemical serotonin that our brains produce helps stabilise and improve our mood.

Therefore, it may be simpler to sink into the present moment if we consume CBD oil prior to our meditation practise, since this may help to quiet and concentrate the mind. And it’s a positive feedback loop; the more we meditate and train our minds to be at peace, the more CBD enhances that state of mind rather than merely alleviating worry.

Combining CBD Oil and Meditation

Incorporating CBD Oil into Your Meditation Practice

Many people picture monks sitting lotus-like on a mountaintop when they think about meditators. However, the reality is that meditation is something that can be practised by anybody, at any time, in any setting. Focusing attention on one’s breathing is the simplest and most accessible method of meditation. The most important thing is to really do it, even if it’s only for a minute or two a day.

Many individuals find it difficult to imagine carving out even a few minutes of their day for meditation and breathing exercises. However, the reality is that we do not have to make time for deliberate breathing exercises. We may practise mindfulness of breathing at any moment of the day, whether we’re waiting for a meeting to begin, cleaning the dishes, or taking a stroll. Simply said, we need to adjust our attention.

Concentrated Breathing Exercise While Seated

Breathing exercises while seated may be done anywhere, including the office, on the bus, at home, or while watching TV. Even if we don’t close our eyes, just focusing on our breathing for a few minutes can help us unwind and recharge after a long day. Try one of these easy breathing techniques:

  • Sit up straight and put one hand on your stomach to practise “Belly Breath.” Feel your tummy expand as you take deep, slow breaths in through your nose. Now let out an exhalation via your lips and feel your tummy draw in. The process will be repeated six times.
  • Extend your exhalation by sitting back in your chair and, if feasible, breathing in and out through your nose. Take a deep breath in and hold it for four counts, then let it out for eight. Six times over.
  • Box breathing entails taking deep breaths in, holding them for four seconds, and then releasing them gently. The process will be repeated six times.

There are enormous benefits to remembering to undertake even a small number of these activities every day, even if you just have three minutes a day to spare. A sense of peace and tranquilly has settled over us, and we no longer feel as if we are prisoners of the wild, fanciful tales our imaginations may spin.

Combining CBD Oil and Meditation

Cannabidiol Oil with Mindful Walking

To undertake breathing exercises, we need not be seated. In addition to the physical benefits of walking outside, we may get the psychological benefits of doing so as well. Adding some deep breathing exercises and a few drops of CBD oil to our regular walking regimen can help to quiet our racing thoughts and improve our lung capacity and respiratory health, all with no effort.

As a form of nasal breathing practise, we might pay attention to the sensation of our feet striking the ground when we walk. It’s as easy as counting to four in our heads while we walk and take deep breaths.

It’s similar to a marching chant, but we can control the tempo, metre, and tone. When we’ve been mentally counting for a few minutes, we usually stop and try to concentrate on our breathing and the feelings in our feet as we walk.

It’s possible that our attention may wander and we’ll stop meditating after only a few minutes. It is possible to return our attention to our breath and our feet anytime we become aware that we are thinking.

Every time we feel like it, we can merely match our breathing to our steps. The more we do it, the less effort it takes to return to a little meditation on breathing.

These breathing exercises not only aid in lung health, but also assist calm the mind. As an extra bonus, both walking and ingesting CBD oil can help the autonomic nervous system, making them effective stress-busters. As an alternative, you might take a few drops of CBD oil before going for a walk and make it a point to incorporate some deep breathing exercises into your routine while you’re out there. Noticing how you feel afterwards is important.

Maintaining Regular Breathing Exercises 

We’ve discovered that there are many opportunities throughout the day to focus on our breath, in addition to the sitting and walking meditation practises. After some time (and some CBD oil), we came to like the breathing exercises and have incorporated them into other parts of our routine.

While waiting for the water to heat in the kettle or performing abdominal exercises, we take a few moments to focus on our breathing. Even when we’re performing mundane tasks like cleaning dishes or making the bed, we try to pause for a moment to focus on our breathing and connect with the present moment. Dare we say it, but even our most private moments with our partners benefit from our efforts to be in the here-and-now by tuning in to our breathing and the way our bodies feel rather than letting our minds wander.


In conclusion, both CBD oil and meditation are effective tools for quieting the mind and gaining perspective on the infinite dramas that might play out in one’s head. When we mix the two, though, we get even more independence and control over our thoughts.

The more frequently we take a break from thinking to focus on the here and now, the less time we spend dwelling on negative feelings like worry, despair, anger, or guilt. These little intervals of calmness have more in common with the actual world than with any fictional fantasy.

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